Laser Procedures

Hair Removal


Light Skin: The GentleLASE 755 nm alexandrite laser is Candela’s premier hair removal laser, treating quickly, comfortably and effectively. GentleLASE lasers are also versatile, capable of treating pigmented and vascular lesions and wrinkles. And only Candela lasers feature the Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD™) to maximize patient safety and comfort.

Dark Skin: The GentleYAG effectively treats all skin types, including tanned skin, offering unmatched treatment capabilities in hair reduction, leg veins, facial veins, wrinkles and skin tightening. Treat patients year-round with GentleYAG’s 1064 nm wavelength, multiple spot sizes, variable pulse durations and Candela’s patented cryogen cooling system (DCD™) for maximum patient comfort and safety.

Laser for vascular lesions (telangiectasias)

V-beam laser treats a broad range of vascular lesions including facial and leg veins, rosacea, port wine stains, acne and much more. New micro-pulse technology means each laser pulse is actually made up of eight sub pulses, providing uniform and consistent vessel heating enabling improved clinical results without purpura.

Laser for pigmented lesions (lentigos/tattoos)

Nd:YAG laser is used to lighten or remove a variety of dark skin spots. This laser produces a very bright beam of light that destroys the cells containing pigment, with very little damage to surrounding skin.

The laser is used to remove pigmented sunburn freckles (solar lentigines), flat brown spots on the hands or face (sun spots), cafe-au-lait marks, and blue-grey birthmarks on the face (nevus of Ota). This is also the ideal for laser tattoo removal.

The amount of lightening depends on the location and depth of the pigment. For small brown spots, one to three treatments may be needed. Tattoos, birthmarks and Nevus of Ota require multiple sessions.